What is the dose of Australian snake antivenom?

Brown Snake at Rukenglen

When Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) developed the first Australian snake antivenom (Tiger Snake Antivenom) in the 1930’s, the recommended dose was 1 vial. Over time the recommended dose increased to 4 vials and there are many case reports of much higher doses being administered. This trend has not been specific to Tiger Snake Antivenom with […]

ACEM Winter Symposium – Box Jellyfish

ACEM Winter Symposium

A few pearls from Drs Jamie Seymour and Mark Little: Box Jellyfish The box jellyfish depends on the reef for its life cycle so it is not moving into southern waters like some other jellyfish The release of box jellyfish from the reef can be linked to daylight hours – not related to weather / water temperature etc The […]